Challah Days with Eitan Bernath, Ilana Glazer & Einat Admony

Episode Summary

A few common threads unite diverse, far-reaching Jewish cuisine and culture; notably: holidays, rules, and grandmas.

Episode Notes

This episode, Peter speaks with 19-year-old food whiz and social media sensation Eitan Bernath; actress, comedienne, and Broad City creator Ilana Glazer; and renowned chef and author Einat Admony on Jewish holiday foods: there's the seder plate, matzah and maror, and of course, grandma's chicken matzo ball soup. All music is by Gitkin.

As always, keep the party going by checking out this episode's accompanying playlist on Spotify, or chef Einat's recipe for pre-Shabbat-friendly aruk, or light Iraqi potato & herb patties, here.